Live Streaming Resources

Take operation and production to the next level with these free books:

Download The Unofficial Guide to NDI®, essential for anyone interested in learning more about the Network Device Interface protocol for delivering video over IP. Readers will get an introduction to NDI® and technologies available for IP video production.

In The Basics of Live Streaming, readers will be introduced to straightforward, practical concepts to help them start live streaming today.

Download the latest Unofficial Guide to Wirecast, which includes 25 chapters of the most important technical aspects of Wirecast. Learn how to use Wirecast and familiarize yourself with this amazing technology.

Helping Your Church Live Stream just got a whole lot easier! A guide for pastors, volunteers, and church media professionals with an included online course.

Accelerate learning inside your broadcast club with this book, audio version, and online course. Download the free PDF here.
Open Broadcaster Software is the world’s most popular live streaming software. Download this guide book for free and take the included online course as well.

The Virtual Ticket is for anyone who wants to host next-level engaging experiences for online attendees. This book is full of detailed case studies from innovative event planners who are diversifying their revenue streams with virtual ticket sales.

Exploring educational value in Esports clubs, tournaments and live video productions. Written for students, parents, and educators who want to explore the intersection between Esports and education.

Survive and thrive in shared online work environments with The Online Meeting Survival Guide by Paul Richards. This book will bring you up to speed on the latest online communication and collaboration technologies available to increase your personal and professional productivity.

Jump start your next live streaming project with The Unofficial Guide to vMix. vMix is one the most powerful live streaming software solutions available today.

The PTZ Camera Operator Handbook is the essential guide to professional robotic camera operations. Written by industry expert Paul Richards, this book will unlock the full potential of your PTZ camera for modern video productions.